The Frame Shop - Ames, Iowa

  • This customer wanted a rich display for the painting she bought while vacationing in India.  The bevel and decorations are hand painted on the mat to match the color found in the painting, and the frame was chosen for its real seashell.
  • This customer held onto a baby bracelet but the cord broke long ago.  With the aid of a hand drawn border, the holes the string is run through is disguised and the bracelet hangs naturally under the photo.
  • With shallow items a shadow box can be the perfect display.  These Iowa State memorabilia were arranged and mounted in a simple black frame on a contrasting white background.
  • Do you have items that are exceptionally deep that would result in a dark cave of a shadowbox?  That would have been the case with these caps.  We had a plexiglass box fabricated to allow light into the frame and allow more visibility on all sides of the caps.
  • Sometimes adding extra depth to a mat is called for.  In this case, the inner most black line is a 1/4" deep black bevel which has a rusty red mat board on top of it.  On top of that is a cork mat with a pewter colored fillet, fit with ultraview glass and placed in a deep black and pewter colored frame.

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